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Getting our tank tonight!!!!!!


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On saturday my wife (nanofaiery) and I found ourselves over at waves and after about an hour or so, we ended up picking out everything we would need to get a tank up and running (aside from livestock of course). They gave us an sweet deal...Thx Joel...you guys are awesome. Joel is going to deliver it tonight...(clap)


Now as for the tank itself...(rock2)


55 gallon (the one in the front of their shop that came w/ stand and hood)

HOB overflow

Sump & fuge combo

Good pump (not sure which one, its the one joel recommended to us) 800gph @ 5ft. plus 2 outputs

40lbs playsand & 65lbs base rock (will add some of our live sand and live rock from our nano)

Killer MH light fixture (not sure what brand it is)


Now we have two months of looking at rock to look forward to...(laugh)


Will get pictures tonight........

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Congrats! Now the money pit experience will begin. You know it is bad when you decide to eat Top Raman for a week so you can afford that really cool coral that you always wanted...




A week ! Are you saying there is OTHER food out there. I thought I was the only one keeping Winco open(laugh)

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Looks like a nice setup! I would move it away from the window like Michael says. There are just way to many issues that happen when tanks have alot of natural sunlight. Algae will flourish and corals will likely not get as colorful as they will under your full aquarium lighting. Heat could definately also become an issue. It will be alot more fun to look at everything without the light from outside getting in the way.


I look forward to seeing the setup process. It looks like you have a good set up equipment to get you started and from the sounds of it have a good plan of attack so far. (rock2)



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Thanks Michael and Garrett, now I have a reason to pull the "I told you so card". :D. Taekwondude and I are looking at an alternative spot for the tank. (plotting) Hey Bill, yeah Joel called it "Southdown" sand, I think it was around $0.75 a pound (scratch) don't quote me on it though.

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  • 7 months later...

Ok, no more just looking at wet base rock!!!


Ok, so we bought the set-up 8 months ago (rock2) (you can look above and see the dates on the previous posts) and ran out of funds before we could even get it fully setup (sad)...we managed to get water, sand and base rock in it and nothing else...(looking back we were happy that we didn't load up the salt as well)


After 8 months of staring at soaking 'freshwater' rock (drooler), (2 weeks ago) we decided that it was finally time to finish the job...(clap)


Day of decision...

Top off and cycle "clean" water through tank


1 week after decision...

Add salt (begin checking salt levels daily of course)


1.5 weeks after decision...

Start checking all levels weekly


2 weeks after decision...

add small scoop of live sand & 1 small live rock w/ some GSP on it (all from our nano)...

...live sand & rock for seeding

...GSP as canary in the mine shaft (i know GSP will grow anywhere...lol)



keeping an eye on everything

levels look good...

GSP looks better than in the nano they came from...

(almost tempted to move everything over from nano...that's the eventual plan)




ill try to snap some updated pics this weekend and post on monday @ work

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