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stupid little shells things....


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I'm having a fierce outbreak of those tiny little shelled critters that form on glass, rocks, over slows, pumps...

it's those tiny curled shell shaped things that look like large pieces of sand until you get closer. they are spreading really fast and scrubbing them off scratches the glass.

What are they? what encourages there growth? what gets rid of them? they are almost worse than algae in my book! algae at least wipes off and goes away with water changes.

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They are in general a good sign of a healthy tank. They are a small feather duster with a calcium based tube much like coco worms. I usually didn't have a problem using a razor to get them off the display glass in my tanks. I would recommend doing that with some caution to see if you can't get them off without scratching the glass.


If you have enough of a bioload in your system, they will usually do quite well and proliferate. High levels of calcium and correct levels of alk, mag, and iodine also help alot with these guys. Phyto plankton feeding allows them to go nuts.




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