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Live rock for sale


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I have 30# of nice Fiji live rock for sale. Not small rubble pieces, but 6 rocks. Comes with a devils hand leather, some mushrooms and a small SPS coral for $3/lb. Please no "reserves" this is first come first served. This is aptasia free and if it sells quickly with minimal hassle I will include a peppermint shrimp as well.


Email works best superjohnny at hotmail dot com



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Hi Mike,

Sorry, but no recent pics. A search will turn up a pic or two of my setup. All the rock in my system has to go. I think there is more than 30#, but that's what I'm selling it at. After the life stuff is gone I will start selling the hardware... Bakpak skimmer, 150w MH lamp, 24g aquapod, pumps, heaters, thermometers, refractometer, extra MH bulb, test kits, sand, and stand. Everything must go eventually so this is where I'm starting.


The rock has some algae, but it's easily removed with a brush. With the snails, shrimp, corals and other live stuff you'll get I doubt you will find a better deal. Aptasia free as well. I spent months ridding it of that nasty stuff.

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Thank you to those people who have replied to my thread and expressed interest in purchaing my stuff. The Live Rock is sold to Garrett and I seem to have a couple people interested in the other stuff.


Now I am not trying to be a jerk or anything, but people are asking how much I would like for my AP24 setup. I realize it is my responsibility as the seller to come up with a price, but I am a little perplexed as to how to price it.


On one hand they seem to cost around $500 new, but I've been around long enough to know what that means. I would like to sell it for a price that is fair to both me and the buyer. I want them to get a good value and me to get a fair deal. That said, I really don't know how to price it. Is $250 for the tank and light reasonable or too much? Be honest, I'm not trying to take advantage of anyone... just recoup a fraction of my initial investments.

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