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Mark's 180 Pentagon


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Hi, I'm new to this web site but have been around the hobby on and off for better than 20 years. One of the local fish stores suggested I check out a local forum versus those long distance other guys, so here I am.


I have three reef tanks currently, a small 11 gallon mixed reef nano on my desk at work, a 20 gallon pentagon clownfish/anenome tank in the kitchen, and a 180 gallon pentagon mixed reef tank in the family room.


I'd wanted a large reef tank for a while, and my wife was adamant that my 90 gallon bowfront and its spray painted black stand was not of a suitable furniture quality to move into our new home. The window of opportunity was thus created. After buying the tank used, I traded my old hot tub (which the house buyer did not want) to my UPS man who built the stand and canopy to match the existing furniture in the new family room. (Happy wife!!)(wife)


The tank dimensions are 48" from the back corners to the front edges, then two 10" side panels, and finally a front viewing panel of 54" across. The depth of the tank is 24". I've never calculated the volume but believe it to be roughly 180 gallons based on the original buyer's estimation. The tank has a back corner overflow which runs to a 30 gallon sump feeding a Precision Marine Bullet 2 skimmer, a PM calcium reactor, a phosban reactor and a 1/4 HP eco-plus chiller. The return is an Iwaki 55RLT run through a 1" Sea Swirl. For flow, I've got a 3000 gph Ampmaster closed loop and recently purchased an Ecotech MP40 Vortech pump.


My lights are 2 x 400 watt 14K MH, run on PFO HQI ballasts, run 8 hours per day, and supplemented with 4 x 65 watt VHO actinics run 12 hours per day.


The tank has been running for nearly three years now, with just a couple of bad occurences. Metal contamination from a pump impeller while in Europe caused me to virtually start from scratch coral-wise 2 years ago, and last November a cucumber nuked my system when it went through my closed loop, killing all fish except my purple tang. (nutty) I've started to restock with species I've never owned before, so its been fun.


I'm a fan of all types of corals, so I definately wanted a mixed reef system. My system includes SPS, LPS, Zoas, Ricordia, Mushrooms, and softies. For fish, I've still got my Purple Tang, as well as a Blue Jaw Trigger, a Flame Angel, two Bartlett's Anthias, a Christmas Wrasse, Tail Spot Wrasse and a Rainbow Wrasse. I'm currently shopping for another large Tang.


Anyway, here's some pics of the system and inhabitants taken over the past couple months. I'd love to hear your comments, suggestions, war stories, or possible recommendations for fish suitable to go with my Purple Tang. Thanks for having me,










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Seriously, nice tank. I really need to get moving on my tank upgrade.


So, how is your flame angle on the coral nipping? I would love to have one, but I just worry that they eventually get a taste for polyps.


Oh yeah - WELCOME!


Thanks for the welcome and comment Jason. I've had the Flame for 4 months now (got him from Joel @ Waves) and he's been a model citizen as far as I can tell. Constantly picking on rocks and such, but great personality and eats flake, frozen, mysis, etc. I keep him pretty well fed. My coral beauty wasn't quite as nice to my corals, but he's now sleeping with the fishes. (sad)

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Beautiful tank and livestock! Thanks for the pics... hope to see more when you get a chance (clap)


BTW - as to the question about adding fish with the purple tang, not sure if you were thinking of, or wanting other tangs but I have had pretty good luck with multiple tangs as long as they are different body types. You wouldn't want to risk another zebra (although others have done this successfully) but you could add something like a lineatus or a naso or one of the bristle tooth tangs. I always enjoy the varied tangs and they have slightly varied dietary preferences so the mix helps to keep the algae down... not that it looks like you have any problem with that!


Thanks for sharing!

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Your tank is beautiful.. What is the pink and white coral in the lower middle ?

Love it ... Welcome to the PNWMAS


Thank you everybody for the kind words and positive comments.


Miss, I'm not sure which you are referring to. I've got the pink/blue lobo that looks to be in the shape of a dog (snoopy in particular), also on the substrate there's a pink and white/green brain coral, and a little to the left is a pink and white Acan. Also, on the rock towards the left is a closed brain. Here's some better pics:


This is an older shot when I had my sailfin tang prior to the "cuke nuke"


This is the red and white Acan that i'm trying to bring back to life


This is the closed brain coral that is growing nicely



AlbertaReef Here's a full tank shot from February:



Also, I am looking particularly for a big tang to complement my purple tang "you have such wonderful coloration" LOL. I used to have a yellow tang and a sailfin prior to big loss, so I'm thinking something different, powder blue, blue hippo, mimic, naso. I'm open to suggestions and have had the shape suggestion made by my LFS folks too. Thanks. If any local folks have an appropriate sized 3-5" they'd like to trade for some softies (ie. colt coral, sinularia) I'd be delighted to hear from you.



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oh you had a cuke nuke too?? I had one of those about a year ago and had a 100% fish loss. All of my corals made it tho


OK... now you guys are making me nervous (scary) I have at least two in my tank that I never see unless I ambush them out at night. I guess I will know if something happens to them when all the fish go belly up :eek:

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oh you had a cuke nuke too?? I had one of those about a year ago and had a 100% fish loss. All of my corals made it tho


I consider myself lucky that mine wasn't a complete loss, my Purple Tang survived. I am officially a member of the NAWIPACIMT club. (never again will I put a cucumber in my tank) club.


My coral's took a bit of a hit, my red and white Acan recessed substantially and a pocillipora, which had been successfully battling a euphylia for space, gave up, and gradually got burned out.

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guess I gotta watch out for my cuc' date=' is it guaranteed to kill everything when it dies?[/quote']


if it's a stressful death..........99.9% yes. Natural death not so much. When a cucumber feels threatened, it will expell its internal organs which are extremely toxic. This is to kill off his attacker, or deter it anyway. Well a powerhead can't be detered.

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