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WTB Superman digi or monti


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All of my coral is pending, but if that falls through with Coral Reef Pet Center, then I have a frag of each. The encrusting monti is the best color I have ever seen, and I have owned about 5 superman montis. The superman digi is mostly white with orange poyps, but the tips are starting to turn purple and the base is getting some purple now too, it will just take a little time. I should know my the end of the week if the deal with SULLY is going through or not.

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I have some monti that was sold to me as "false superman." I can't tell the difference except that it is more purple base (rather than blue) with red polyps. I have it encrusting on my overflow glass, but I can chip off the original frag rock and cut it in half.


It would end up being about 3/4" x 3/4"


How does $25 sound? Let me know. I don't want to break off pieces unless I have to. I can try to get pictures if you wish.



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