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Oregon Coast Aquarium Section


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As some of you may know, this section has been set up for the use by Oregon Coast Aquarium as an education link with them. This has been set up in hopes of a closer working relationship between Oregon Coast Aquarium and PNWMAS.

It has been two years in the planning. This is part of an agreement made previously, that we would allow the OCAQ an area at the PNWMAS website.


We will be presenting this section to Director of Animal Husbandry, Jim Burke. An introduction and guidelines for posting will then be made by a worker at OCAQ, that has not yet been appointed as Section Mod. Hopefully, programs such as this Behind-The-Scenes tour will continue in the future.


We should present this section to them without posts, as planned. This post will be removed at a later time. The "Volunteer diving at the Oregon Coast Aquarium" has been relocated, for now, to the "Discovery and Educational" section. We will be starting the Hatfield Marine Science Center section, as soon as Curator, Dennis Glaze and Dr. Tim Miller Morgan post their introduction and posting guidelines. Thanks.

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Here is an update! We are all set to go! :yahoo::cheer:


  On Sunday, April 17th, 2016 PNWMAS will have an exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Tour of the  Hatfield  Marine Science center, and of the Oregon  Coast Aquarium. PNWMAS is making a Donation to HMSC. Any additional donations at the door are optional We will begin by meeting at :

Hatfield Marine Science Center  - Visitor Center
2030 SE Marine Science Drive (Located next to the Oregon Coast Aquarium)
Newport, Oregon 97365-5296
We suggest arriving at 9:30 AM. The tour will begin at 10:00AM. We will be guided through the Center, and also get a behind-the-scenes look at the operations and educational facilities at HMSC.

At 11:00 AM we will proceed to the Aquarium Science Building. (It’s right down the road, and a map will be provided.)

At Noon, we will head back to the
Oregon Coast Aquarium
2820 SE Ferry Slip Road
Newport OR 97365 http://maps.google.c...ewport OR&hl=en

We will meet in front of the door around 12:30 PM. You may want to bring along sandwiches for a quick lunch. There is a Café  inside the Aquarium. The first tour of 15 people will begin at 1:00PM. The second tour will begin at 2:00PM
Price for the Oregon Coast Aquarium Behind-The-Scenes Tour is  $15.00 per person. This tour is for ages 8 and up, and does require some climbing of stairs.

There is also the cost of admittance to the Aquarium.

Ages 3-12 $11.65 - [supporting PNWMAS Members $6.65]

Ages 13-17 $16.15 - [supporting PNWMAS Members $11.15]

Adults $17.95 - [supporting PNWMAS Members $12.95]

Seniors 65 and over $16.15 - [supporting PNWMAS Members $11.15]

Supporting (paid) PNWMAS Members will receive a $5.00 discount on the price of admission.

If you are not currently a Supporting Member, this would be a good time to join!

Payment will be for admission to Oregon Coast Aquarium, and the cost of the Behind-The-Scenes Tour. We will make one group payment at the door, so you we will need all payments in advance.


To make your payment,   CLICK HERE http://www.pnwmas.org/page/oregon_coast_aquarium_behind_the_scenes_tour_payment_page.html

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