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All of my Zoa's $400


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I am selling all of my Zoa's, they are easily worth $700 or better if I sell seperate. Here is what I have


25 armor of gods

40 Tubbs Blue's

300 Watermellon's

20 Valentines day masacre's

10 Lunar Eclipse

40 Green Bay Packers

10 Sapphire's

10 Artice Ice

40 Zombie Eyes

30 Orange Skirt Rainbow's

20 Zoot Suits

10 Blue with Burgandy skirts

40 Silver with burgandy skirts

20 Black with orange center

20 Lemonades's

100 purple with yellow skirts

40 Neon Green with burgandy skirts

40 Radioactive Greens with 1 Rainbow Paly

10 Halloween Haunts

40 Blue mouth, green ring, silver skirts

5 Fruity pebbles

5 Hypnotic's

5 Eye of Jupiters

and about 50 unidentified

for a total of 600 or so polyps

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ok....first question was regarding pic's. I will be posting them up within the next couple hours. Second question was why am I selling, I find myself getting increasingly frusterated with the time my tank has demanded. I was hoping that all the changes and additions to equipment and filtration would resolve the time demand. I seem to consistantly run into dumb or unheard of issues. For instance, and this is what started all of this, yesterday I watched my purple tang recieve a thorough cleaning, then turn right around and rip my cleaner shrimp to pieces. I call stores regarding this, and every single one was like "I have never heard of anything like that". I am not saying that any stores were wrong or anything like that, I am just tired of working around all of these unique problems. I know most people would feel that either my tanks bioload is too high, or I simply have too small of a tank for what I have and want. With that being said, my tank has been overloaded for over 2 years and never experienced the issues I have had in the last 2 months.


So everyone knows, there are no parasites eating my zoa's, nor are there problems that would pass down with them. I do not have Zoapox or whatever it is called. I did experience a amonia spike, mostly by my retardation and failure to realize that the purell I was putting on my hands to sanitize before handling new baby was probably not the best things to get in my tank. I have done 30 gallons of tank changes in the last 2 days and will be doing another 10g today to verify issue being resolved. I do not really want credit anywhere as I am unsure whether or not I am going to get out of reefing all together, which is why you don't see my duncan's or fish listed.


To be fair to everyone, I must let you know that I have also put in a "bail out request" to my uncle. 9 times out of 10 it wont be successful. However unlike the rest of my family I have never asked him for anything before. IF THIS DOES COME THROUGH I may still be selling all of this. I am NOT waiting on him though. If I get a buyer before I hear from him then they are sold

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In addition, I also prefer to sell as a complete set, mostly because if I am forced to seperate then I would more than likely want to charge per polyp, and then it is no longer a good deal. I mean yeah they would be cheaper then a store but you know what I mean. Pic's will be here soon.


As a final note, I am not thrilled about this by any means.

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Hey, I completely understand. Hope things improve, and its tough to see a great collection like that go. From what I hear you have some more important priorities now, so no shame in letting the reefing take a back seat. Just know that it is an addiction, and you will be back !!!

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How you liking that controller Mark?


I love the Reefkeeper Elite with .Net module. I can keep an eye on things from anywhere now! It will make going out of town a lot nicer - I will not have to worry as much.

Bummer you have to part with that nice zoa collection, but you are 100% right that Dexter takes the #1 spot in the terms of importance.

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I am also sorry you have to do this. I would like to tell you they get cheaper to keep. But kids just get more and more expencsve.


Make a deal with whoever you sell them to that you get a frag of each in the future:D

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Well that's too bad....But, it sounds like you're getting your priorities straight though. That's a good thing.


That said, I'd be interested in going in with 2 or 3 other people to pick up all of these. I don't need or want all of them, but I'd be willing to split them evenly 3 or 4 ways. If anyone else is interested, PM me and we'll get it together. This saves Eric from parting them out and all the headaches that entails and it saves us from having to come up with a ****load of cash in this economy :D



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I have more pic's if needed but some aren't very clear or are under actinic's only which I am not posting as it is almost false advertising due to enhancement of color. You kinda have to look at all the pic's here very close to see all of the different zoa's

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