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Help deciding on lights??


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Ok...we are about to purchase our first non-nano tank (rock2)...we are going with a 60gal with the same footprint as a 75gal (48"long 18"wide 18"tall), now we are looking into lighting...


my current choice is a 4 bulb T5HO Sundial Nova Extreme by Current USA...and maybe another 2 bulb or 4 bulb added down the line...




Also, is there a ranking of quality of light types? some people have told me it's PC < VHO < MH < T5HO...one shop owner told me lights are lights, "they are all the same, just gas powered lights"...is there a difference in performance?? (scratch)...any recommendations??

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225. The bulbs are Iwasaki 15K. One of the highest par output bulbs on the market. I used them for about a month so they have maybe a year left on them. I will be in portland tomorrow night so if you want to look at them, let me know and I'll bring with.

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