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Any shroomers


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I am seeing this sunshine and my mind is wandering to the cascade mountain range. The black morels should be busting up from the ground in the next 3-4 weeks. I like to try and get enough put up so my family can have a great morel feed once a month.


I will sometimes find some spring boletes and they are really good. The corals mushrooms are supposed to be good but I dont know enough about them and dont trust my knowledge enough to eat them.


Around here in the Willamette valley I find the yellow morels in April but dont care for them enough to make a huge effort for them. They seem to be out and about under the cottonwoods around the Willamette and the Columbia rivers. I remember finding buckets of them one day, we were fishing the multnomah channel for spring chinook and had to go to shore to relive ourselves and they were everywhere.


In the fall I find all the chanterelles a person could ever want and matsutake, boletes, angel wings, chicken of the woods, oysters i am sure I am forgetting some of the ones I find but that is the bulk of them for the fall.


In winter January -february I go get Oregon white truffles. I make enough truffle butter to last me a year. I didn't get a chance to go last year but had enough from the previous year to get me through. I just couldn't give any away like I usually do.


The only other thing I put up is canned tuna, well that and if I am lucky enough to deer or an elk.


Sorry about the long post. I kinda just got on a roll.

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Shoot I have gone hunting for chanterelles, but never for morels. I would love to go for morels as I love eating them!!! If you ever feel like having someone tag along let me know I would love to go!!! If not I understand, as most people are extremely secretive as to where they nab their bounties lol.

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I grew up picking mushrooms all over the mountains, and a few magic ones too!!! I have found the best place to get morels is in an area that has had a fire in the previous 1 to 2 seasons before. That seems to bring out the shrooms. The coral mushrooms are buggy, but if you soak them in a little salt water, the bugs crawl right out.

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Ya, that's how it is unfortunately, I learned the hard way that some people cant keep secrets.


I will tell you to get a hold of US forestry forestry and find out where the fires were last year. They love 1 year old burn areas. I dont like the competing for mushrooms so I go to forested places where they dont grow as densely, I just go to unwind and listen to the sounds and see the wildlife. There is a site much like this one that has shroomheads on it. I will look it up and post a link later.


I do take people out for chanterelles but everyone knows where to find those.

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I don't know if it held yearly but Yachats, (on the coast), has held a Mushroom festival last October. We stumbled across it last year while over there for the wifes Bday. But all the resturants had mushroom specials, the city had a mushroom exhibit in City Hall, and they had bus rides to the hills to collect 'shrooms and show people how/where to harvest them. Might be worth looking into it if you are a 'shoomer!

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