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Why didn't they mention saltwater aquariums???


""""Powerful RO water filtration for your sensitive fresh water aquariums is affordable with our MaxPure MPRO system. Ultra high-rejection thin film membranes take out the tiniest of particles. One micron, high efficiency sediment and two carbon block pre-filters remove tiny elements and purify taste and color. High capacity design (300 Gallon Per Day RO Membrane) delivers pure water quickly.


Changing your fresh water aquarium water could never be easier with this state of the art Reverse Osmosis system. Simply hook this up to your sink or garden hose or hook it up under your sink with a shut-off valve and you have the ability to make RO water for your water changes. Fresh water aquariums particularly don't do well with tap water because of all the contaminants and minerals in tap water so using this system will help your tanks dramatically.""""

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