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Power supply

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Wanted to see how people either plan for to take care of our underwater friends when the power goes out. Woke up this morning harder to navigate without the lights.(scary)


Went to the local rental store and got a generator and powered the pump, power head, heater, and protein skimmer. Everything seems to be working at this point.


I've seen some of those surge protectors with battery back up, but don't know if they would run everything and 60 minutes doesn't seem like all that long.

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LOL. I personally will not set up another display without one. Too much to risk! I will likely buy one for this next prop system aswell. I have had the power go out for days at a time and believe me it is darn near impossible to keep everything in good shape, especially when you are dealing with hundreds of gallons. I found a decent deal on a 5000w generator at lowes that I may pick up. Just under $400 and has all the power I would need to run pumps, skimmer, and even a heater. Plus I may be able to run my modem and router aswell as my laptop. That would be all I need for days. Well that, a stash of pepsi and penut butter sandwhiches.






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I think I have only used it once for my reef tank...and only for about an hour then. It worked great. It does come in handy when we camp at a site with no RV hookups - we can charge the trailer batteries then.

I've always wondered what our Local reef shops do during a multi-day outage...do you guys have generators or anything to help get you thru?

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