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Halide Bulb help...


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So last night I got home to see that one of my halide bulbs was out. I am running 2 250w 14k bulbs, on a dual 250w pfo ballast. The bulbs were purchased new less than 4 months ago. The bulb that went out has a sort of reddish fog along the bottom quarter of the bulb itself. Any idea what this could be attributed to? Just a faulty bulb? Ballast issue? Bad luck?


It should be noted that these bulbs were bought on ebay, half as an experiment, half as I couldnt afford the higher quality bulbs at the time. Turns out that I am not entirely pleased so far. The first set of bulbs I got, one of them would not even fire when I got them, so they had to send another bulb.

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did you happen to see the thread that i made about the ebay bulbs? i had a ton of problems with not firing, broken bulbs, ect. ect.


basically it is completely worth the money to buy good bulbs. i use phoenix 14k and love them. i couldn't afford high end bulbs either. i found someone on RC that had them for sale used for a week. you might find someone that didn't like them and is selling them. if not the sale looks pretty good. phoenix bulbs are good for 18+ months, so it ends up balancing out in price.

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