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Captured...One Fireworm (Pic)


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Well last night I was able to get at least one of the Fireworms that have been chewing all my button polyps and Kenya Trees. I think this guy also killed my clam a few months back???




I am pretty sure it's a Hermodice Carunculata.

The bad news is, I have seen at least one more....FUN DOH!


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I think there is an interesting debate on good or bad, and I will tell you I am an accute beginner in the reef tank world, so my level of experience is based on research and discussions, not actual experience.

With that said, I can 100% be sure that this guy was eating my button polyps and the tops off my Kenya Trees.(flame) I think there are probably good bristle worms, and I think they all look very similar, but I also think there are bad ones, and the one (or ones) I have are not anything anyone would want in their reef tank.

To answer a few questions, my worms most likely came from a piece of liverock, as a hitchiker. The rock was/ is full of little bore holes (hint that ther could be worms).

I tried to trap the worms for a few nights, and then almost accidently found one away from the mother rock eating a piece of clam. He crawled under a smaller rock where I was able to safely remove him.

The worm in the cerel bowl (don't tell my wife) was about 4" when crawling...and could extend itself probably to twice that length. He could also retract to about an inch.


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