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Scientists ID living coral as 4,265 years old


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Nice find. That had to be the oldest living thing on the planet! I thought the same thing as you guys. I pictured a large stony coral formation with layers and layers of buildup.


See, now once we perfect our reef keeping, there should be literally no corals dying in our tanks. They in theory don't die of old age since they are colonial and continually replace or build upon the each other.


lol we will never know exactly how to perfect our reef keeping but we sure are continually getting better at it. I know of one person on reefcentral that has coral colonies that he has had for right around 30-35 years. That is pretty awesome stuff. I wish I could keep a tank going for more than a few years lol.



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It does seem like the deep-water Black Corals are very much like our ancient old-growth forests. I'm curious to whether or not these corals could be acclimated to an artificial environment for propagation? Perhaps they are too slow-growing? if so, could a faster growth rate be stimulated somehow?


Hawaiian collection of Black Coral for jewlery is regulated.



Yucatán Black Coral (order Antipatharia) is threatened, due to over collecting.


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