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Coral Colonies for sale - RBTA, Giant Clam, Pagoda Cup, Zoos, etc..


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Planning to switch over to FOWLR tank. Need to sell most of my corals. Will start with the bigger items/colonies:


1. A pair of Rose Bubble Tip Anemone - Easily expands to 12+ inches ($80 each) will take of rock or will sell attached rock for $2 a pound. 1 Sold to Prada.


2. Tridacna Gigas Giant Clam - Bigger then a football 12+ inch ($80) Sold


3. Green Pagoda Cup Coral - 6-7 Inches Diam. ($40) Sold to Doran


4. Electric Green Hydnophora Colony - 15" X 10" size ($50) Mini colonies ($5) Sold to Doran


5. Orange with bright green mouths Ricordea's - 8-12 pcs attached to 10lb Live Rock ($80) Sold


6. Green Polyp Toadstool coral - 2.5" head diameter ($30) Sold


7. Dragon Eye Zoo Colony - 100+ polyps ($30) Sold Small frags mounted ($5)


8. Maroon w/Gold Rim montipora (shown behind rics) - 6"X6" on big pc of LR ($50) Sold to Doran


Unable to hold for anyone, will be available this weekend and weeknights.

Located in Vancouver (Salmon Creek/Hazel Dell area)

Send pm if any questions.

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Thanks to all that came by.

I still have:

pair of RBTA's

light green brain coral about 4" diameter (pictured next to the green pagoda cup coral) $20

Purple monitpora colony on 8lb rock ($25) SOLD

Toadstool yellowish leather with 2 green fuzzy mushrooms on 5lb rock ($25)

Toadstool yellowish leather on 5lb rock ($20) - Shown above ricordia's

similar picture below:


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