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Coralife Digital Power Center Help !!


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It came with the used setup I bought...and I can't figure it out ??


I have looked all over the internet for a manual and am coming up blank.


Anyone know where I can get one...or a web link ?? I have tried the main coralife site ...and many others with no luck. This day and night seperate timer thing has me confused as to how to program it. If I understand it right, the yellow outlets are for daytime...and the blue is for night time.....but what if you want the lights to come on at 10am and go off at 8pm ?? only have 1 plug from lights ??




Pulling my hair out !!!

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Jason ...What determines the day and night times ?? am and pm ?? ...I try to set it so blue on at 11 am white on at 12 pm then white off at 9 pm and blue off a 11pm and led on at 12am .... it will never work because I can seem to figure out the set times for am / pm in regards to the yellow or blue switches. or which of the 7 different setting control which plug ?? I know only one set can run at one time ..but the directions don't tell you tell you which set will raun at what times ?


For now it's a standard surge protector!!

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is the white your daylight?? you can only set both plugs in the yellow or blue switches..you can't set one to come on at 11am and then another one at 12pm..you would have to have both of them come on at 11am or 12pm..you can plug both the white and blue into the yellow(daylight) switches and then plug the led into the blue(nighttime) switches..you set one program for the daylight i believe..you dont set it for the night if i remember right..because the night will come on when the days not on..so you just set what time you want the days to turn on and shut off..

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