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Fishes you never see


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uhh, What is Corus Wrasse for $400 Alex?


Put him in, and he swam until bed time. Saw him one more tim the next day and he's been gone for 9 months now...DOH!

He is definitely not alive though. I don't have any that never come out like what your talking about. The pistol shrimp that I have only seen once, but he was a hitchhiker so he doesn't count...

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My wife got me a hi-fin goby for Valentines day a few years back. I put him in never saw him again asumed he was dead. A few years later I had to move, emptied the tank, there he was.


I had a lawnmower blenny take a ride down the over flow in the same tank, found him in the refugium. Had been at least a year.


It was kinda weird on moving day to find I had two extra fishes going to the LFS I didn't know I had.


I have a blood shrimp now that I only ever see the whites of his antenna's.

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