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What livestock should i have?


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i have a 10g saltwater tank set up and its almost done cycling..there's nothing really in it. it has a 65w PC light over it, heater and power filter. i dont want anything that requires too much maintenance and thats not too messy of an eater since i wont have a skimmer. what are some fish/inverts that would be cool/unique to keep that could live happily in a 10g?

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Low maintenance, nano, and skimmer free don't generally go together well, but that doesn't mean it can't be done. You should expect to do a lot of water changes and be up on your water quality testing. In that small of a tank I would personally avoid anything that feeds of of live foods, as things like pods can be quickly wiped out in that small of a volume. I would stick to 1 or 2 small fish (starting small, and staying small) like perc or oci clowns, watchman gobies, neon gobies, etc and then a shrimp for character. Stay on the inexpensive side, as your learning curve on the smaller system will probably bring along some mortality in the beginning... adding a mated pair of nigripes clowns and some harlequin shrimp for example would probably be a bad idea.


Go sloooow.


Alternately keep it as a QT and add a margin of safety to your other thank. Not as exciting admittedly, but in the long run maybe a better idea?

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