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I need lighting for a 40 Breeder. It will be a reef tank. I dont know exactly what I want/need for lighting. I want to be able to have and grow anything.


The more I read the different forums the more I get confused. I have seen very nice T5 tanks and nice halide tanks and the mixture of both.


I would like to know if any of the LFS have the different lighting set up at there stores, so I can see first hand the differences, also to decyfer what I like and dont like.


Another thing is I am not sure what fixtures are the good ones and what ones are POS. Cost doesn't seem to be a tell tale sign. So what are the good ones and what are the ones I should stay away from?


Running costs are not a major issue for me. Initial cost is somewhat, I mean I cant afford an LED setup. I might be able to afford LED if a DIY was reasonable.


So I guess I am to the rambling point so I better stop.

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In my opinion you should go MH. One will cover roughly a 2' space so that would allow you to put lower light corals on the sides where the MHs light would be less powerful. Then you can add a couple of actinics to complete the set-up.

Again just my opinion.


As far as I know no shop has them set up so you can compare lighting setups.

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I have a 250 watt halide and pc pendant setup that is collecting dust, if you are interested I can bring it over to you and it will give you a base line to compare against as you look online and in shops. It is a 250 de with an old 14k phoenix bulb in it, and a pair of 32 watt pc actinics. The only caveat is that I don't have a spare ballast so you wouldn't be able to borrow it long term, as I would be firing it with my primary ballast when you looked at it. If anyone remembers my cube, that is the light that was on it, more than enough to grow sps in a 20" deep tank.



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If lights dont matter while cycling my rock, I wont be in a hurry.


I will have a set up scabbed together that will work by next week. A 175 halide.


I really want one of the fixtures that have the halide, T-5's and moon lights with fans. But finding a good deal on a nice quality one of those seems to be like finding a needle in a haystack. And I dont want to spend a grand on lighting.

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