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My female clownfish has gone crazy


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I don't know what the deal is. In the pic you can see my 2 frogspawns





Well this week my female clown started moving the frogspawn that sits in the front. She keeps moving it next to an acan echinata, which will destroy the FS is they touch. Today at lunch i went home and found the frogspawn, with its PVC holder, completely upside down! So i moved it a little to the left of the FS they host and more toward the middle. Well i guess she didn't like that either, she got a swimming start and knocked it 3" down the tank on top of my ricordias! On top of that there is a frag tray in the same area at the front right corner of my tank, its not very wide just 3 squares of eggcrate. She keeps popping the frag plugs out of the frag tray and they are landing on my acans!


I donno what has gotten into her.

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Kissing a Kandy Kane!


My female Clown is doing some really weird stuff also. Over the past couple days she's taken to hosting in one of my larger frogspawns. Today I notice her swimming around with her mouth open all the time. Not gasping, just like she making an O with her mouth. (nutty) Then I see what looks like her kissing on some Candy Cane's that are near her FS. She's not nibbling, just kissing or sucking on them. She's also doing it to a mushroom as well. (nutty) (nutty) I thought I raised her to be better than that! What's a parent to do? :eek:

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