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Custom Built Three-Sided, All-in-One Stand & Hood

Dego Red

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This is a one of a kind tank stand and hood combination built by me personally for a standard 29 gallon tank. A 20g long can also be accommodated if the two vertical inserts (aesthetic) are simply shortened. A portion of the left side of the hood is hinged for quick access to the lighting, and the forward panel on the stand is removable via 4 screws to access any equipment stored underneath for a clean look. Each and every piece was stained prior to final assembly to prevent any possible rotting by spilled water during water changes, then the exterior was painted black (just to match the furniture). Below are some pictures from a previous build thread. A fresh, light coat of paint will be applied this weekend (not that it really needs it). Price is $250 OBO. I'm in Hillsboro, OR. Please email with any questions.












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Time to sweeten the deal I guess...


I'll throw in the two book cases you see in the pics (pre-drilled for ATO/general equip/etc) and a 10g or 20g tank for a sump...or BOTH for a sump and display. The bottom of the 20g is pre-drilled as well; just have to remove the acrylic seal I put in place. Then everything (wires, etc) is still concealed by the extra 6" behind the 20g.

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