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Xenia disappearing...


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Alright, in my 24 gal nano I had a stalk of xenia. Has been in there for a couple weeks, and was in my main tank for a couple months before that. Was fine this morning, and I just got back and the thing is gone! There is a little stub where it once was. Doesnt look cut off cleanly, i guess if i were to describe the little leftover nub it looks melted if anything.

I have no fish in the tank whatsoever. All water parameters are fine, nothing off enough to make a difference, seeing as all of the other corals are doing great. I have the average collection of snails and some very small hermits (mostly blue leg). Also I have a coral banded shrimp, and a small emerald crab.

I have had this happen from time to time with a random stalk on a rock full of xenia in my other tank, but it is very rare (once every 6-8 months or so).

The only other thing of note I can think of is I added 2 drops of Lugol's to the tank 2-3 days ago...




Any ideas as to what/who the culprit could be?

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Agree, I went years without being able to keep it. It would thrive and grow for a few weeks and the wither and die off. you might keep tabs on your PH I now maintain mine with kalk in my topoff and a color kit may not be as accurate as you may think. I have had some growing well for a few months now

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