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1/2 HP Chiller and (2) Tunze 6000 with magnets


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1/2 HP Pacific Coast Chiller, manufactured April of 2007. Asking $550. SALE PENDING




(2) Tunze 6000. These pumps are controllable and have a max flowrate of 1850 gph. Also have magnets good up to 1/2" thick wall thickness. These pumps can have a flowrate of 3100 gph if a 7410.602 transformer was purchased for them. Asking $150 each with magnets. SALE PENDING





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So here is the deal. Hope this isn't against any club rules. As you can imagine it gets pretty expensive stocking a 400 gallon reeftank. I've found most people on craigslist want to sell their setups as a whole, not in parts. This works out in my favor because I buy the entire setups and keep the stuff I want and sell the rest of the stuff to pay for everything. I've done this a couple times and i've found that I can break even if not make a little and that is with keeping stuff. It's a lot of work and time transporting all this stuff home and then cleaning everything but I don't mind doing it and i've gotten some nice stuff.


It also requires a very patient and loving wife! She just thinks I'm nuts!

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