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RO/DI Good For Freshwater?


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Hey I know it's a bit off the topic but I have always just used tap for my freshwater tank, Since I recently got an RO/DI unit for my salt I was wondering If I should be using that water in the freshwater tank, I think I recall hearing something about how it shouldn't be used (scratch) but just wanted to see what others had to say.



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RO/DI water is extremely pure, and many of the trace elements and electrolytes required by freshwater fish have been removed, along with the contaminants.

Nevertheless, RO/DI water is used by many freshwater aquarists, especially those keeping soft water fish, such as Discus. The minerals can be replaced using a product such as Kent RO Right. http://www.kentmarine.com/products/kent-ro-right.htm


I have wondered though, if the same thing could be accomplished using small additions of the synthetic seawater mixes that we use in our marine aquariums, to remineralize RO/DI water.

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