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why dont U enter in the awards program?


why dont U enter in the awards program?  

  1. 1.

    • public recognition is not important to u
    • u could use the money from selling ur frag
    • would if it was 50/50 on proceeds (club/participant)
    • not a paid member
    • all i can grow is aiptasia
    • other-please specify in thread

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Just like the title say.....

Here are some quick rules of the award:


Must be a member


Club gets all proceeds up to $50....u get any above that


Can't submit a nuisance like aiptasia






Just trying to figure out why people aren't entering more and to see what it would take for u to enter something...


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The current rules state:


If your entry sells for less than $50 than the club gets all proceeds....u would get anything above the first $50.....if u would like



zoas sell for $40....u get nothing


Bada$$ acan sell for $70...u get $20 if u want or donate it all....


Which is totally cool....I'm jusy try to see what it would take 4 more people to enter

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Pretty sure the point of this is to act as a fund raiser for the club, not to start an auction for individuals to raise money. if you wanted to go that route, you may as well just sell in the for sale forum.


i have no stake in this, and really don't care one way or the other as this seems like an altruistic project someone put together, but my suggestion would be to make this an occasional thing to happen at specific events to make it more of a focused event... a fund raising raffle at a bbq or something. otherwise people who want to have the club spend money on awards for them are going to roll in with 25 frags of the same weed growing digi that everyone already has every month... the livestock goes to waste or sells for so little it doesn't cover the plaque. what do you do about someone who brings in 80 tomato clowns that nobody wants?


great concept, maybe it is working as intended, if not, that would be my input.

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a good suggestion about making it an occasional event ,maybe people would get more focused


Krux the reason I started this is to get more people involved.


As it stands....if u have this beautiful rose anemone and it splits or u split it....most are not gonna wanna part with it for nothin especially if the paid an arm and leg for it especially if its there first split....so then u get no paticipation..


= no money for club....


But for instance if it was 50/50(or whatever the ratio)....I believe u would get more people. To toss the idea around to part with their pride and joy .....


= something for the club!

= something for proud parent!


A $20 cut is better than none 4 the club....sometimes less is more


Just my 1 cent(can't afford 2)

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imho the $50.00 you aren't getting is buying you the club recognition and participation.


While a small cut is better than nothing for the club, you are that that point buying a title instead of earning it through donation. If you can't afford to donate a rose, but want recognition, donate something else that you don't need to get a return on, or sell it and buy a 20 dollar frag and donate that.


Generosity based acclaim needs to be restricted to gifting, not a side bonus to a live auction forum or it loses the spirit of the event and becomes a race for who can sell the most stuff out of their tank to the club.

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While a small cut is better than nothing for the club, you are that that point buying a title instead of earning it through donation.


Isn't it the same thing? By making donations u still are "buying it"

This is the same fine line that lobbist in washington dc walk



Generosity based acclaim needs to be restricted to gifting, not a side bonus to a live auction forum or it loses the spirit of the event and becomes a race for who can sell the most stuff out of their tank to the club.


I thought this acclaim was based on skill ...not generosity ....to see who's the master reefer(who's got skills).........

.so ur saying were buying our acclaim by how much we donate.....again lobbiest in D.C. Think this way... don't they?....the more I donate(buy my way in) the cooler I am

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You have it exactly. I infer from your tone that the only reason that you want to participate in this event is to get some sort of recognition, not to help the club, community, or reef keeping in general, in addition to fniding a way to sell coral and turn a small profit.


By pointing out that this is foolish, won't work, or needs to be modified in some way so that you can also get personal financial gain out of it makes it pretty obvious to me that you a) don't understand the concept of a donation and b) only want to participate for ego purposes.


If you want an award based on skill at marine breeding, head over to the marine breeder website and participate in the breeder challenges there. While the spirit of innovation in marine aquaculture is inherent in this awards program, the structure of it, and the responses of some of the community members show that it is much more likely to result in a frag donation points race to have the opportunity to name something than any real research and development in propagation.


Taking a zoa rock and splitting it into 50 pieces and trying to sell them to the club in the hopes of making some money and at the same time getting recognition for it does not in any way further the hobby from its current state... thousands of people already have that skill, just as people have split roses, ricordeas, and propagated zoas.


There are a few people who are indeed breeding fish and inverts, but we aren't seeing an influx of peppermint angels or harlequin shrimp in the local stores, so I have to at this point assume that they are people reading Moe and Wilkerson and duplicating something that while positive, is not innovative or particularly challenging.

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Yeah, I have to admit, I just wasn't sure what the point was. If this were a periodic fundraiser for the org, that that would actually make more sense as a motivator for me.


Like a once a quarter thing at a meeting people donated frags (or whatever) and it was an organized auction. Then any proceeds just go to the club.


Maybe as an incentive for donators, after you've raised $100+ for the club, you dues are paid for the next year. Or you get a special description below your name (since that seems to be a popular request).

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Ah! u think u have me figured out...but your incorrect. i have no intentions on selling stuff to benefit me...I'm not a member...can't participate...i am just lookin for ways to get more people involved.....no need to attack me on a personal level...i like your idea on making it an occasional event...i just think this is a big deciding factor for alot of people......i am just try to make this award program work...


FYI....and for the record i dont need ego boost.....i split a huge rose about a 1 1/2 -2 years ago... before anybody here was talkin about it and have raised oscellaris from eggs and have not mentioned a word on here....i dont need public recognition! I'm happy here playing mad reefer in the shadows...lol

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My apologies, maybe I lost something in your leet speek, but I was simply defending my statement. Reread your post before you call me out for baiting though.


As for roses, I think your chronology is a bit off on being first to do something, but I will chalk that up to enthusiasm.



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I didn't mean to put that I was the first but that there were not many people talking about it on the forums at the time.


Good job on the "leet speak" terminology. I had to google it to figure out what that meant. I need to buy one of those [language filter] word of the day calendars.



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The actual Awards Program detail for purpose states:


I Purpose

A To encourage, the conservation of wild marine life, and the exchange of information, through the propagation of captive marine life;

B To recognize the achievements of PNWMAS members concerning the reproduction of marine life;

C To encourage members to be more active in PNWMAS;


And it is called a "donation". I dont know about you but I have never expected anything in return for a "donation". And if it holds any weight I am a member of the awards program and it does not bother me. There's my two cents.

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Not sure who the "donation" comment was directed at. Since I did mention some gain to the individual (membership paid) in exchange for the "donation" I guess it could be me.


My comment was in response to the question of why there aren't more people participating and what would encourage participation.


The three points you mention, fishmanmike, for the program neglect one point - fund raising.


Part of my point was that, for whatever reason, I would be more inclined to donate frags to be auctioned as part of a fund-raiser than for some kind of point system.


Lord knows I don't have the skills to propogate something that others can't. I'm not really looking for any kind of recognition.

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Maybe even non members can get membership via donation...just a thought(hidesbehindsofa)





That's a great suggestion!.....I think it would be kewl if they allowd nonmembers to participate.

That might get more involved! Also liked the one bout the "whale" title change w/ certain amount of points....that might get r3 involved....lol


Ca2or ...By using the smiley u used leds me to believe ur were afraid to speak up......sorry if the thread got a little heatd ....I hope after krux and my discussion people still feel comfortable to give input and aren't influenced by it such that they worry about thinking outside the box and being look down upon for it....this doent even mean there gonna change the rules....just something for the powers-that-be to chew on!

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