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Thanks Snowpunk for coming down and trading me the HUGE frag of birdsnest and poc. I wish I had more exotic things to trade ya.


They are doing very well in my tank, full polyps and all.


The next time you and CA2OR come down, we should all just get some beers, and go to Frank's house to (drooler).


Snowpunk and CA2OR are cool guys in my book.

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Hey thanks man. I'm glad that they are looking good and doing well. I still have some denae(sp) over here for ya also. I think going over to Franks house and making puddles sounds good too!(drooler)(drooler)(drooler) Him and I have to do some dremel work on some corals anyway. Maybe I'll supply the beers if we want to work this out sometime with Frank...(rock2)

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Alright! (drooler)(drooler)(drooler) at Frank's house!


When ever you are in town again then Snowpunk. (rock2)


Ca2OR, I didn't mind at all. Has to be nerve wracking during a time like this.


More then likely it will have to be a couple weeks out since I have that Cali trip. Still up in the air thoughDOH!. I think a Wednesday would be best for all parties involved, but it's franks tank were gonna be oogling over so maybe we should ask his wife first:p...

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