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Black worm? Friend or Foe?


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Another question???




I've found a number of black worm type creatures living in a single rock in my tank. They do not come out of the rock except to stick their what I only can assume are heads out. What I have seem of them they appear 6 inches long. Black on top with lighter grey/white underbellies. They have no legs, antenna,no bumps, no segments, they look like litle black smooth hoses. When the head does come out to "feed" it's mouth will open and feather like pieces emerge... making it look like a feather duster. The mouth folds back in and it slides back in it holes all very quickly. I've tried to catch it on film but it's very fast.



Any thoughts?

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I might have something similar - hard to say without a picture and I don't have a picture of mine either.


I only have one. It's been in the same spot for ages. Withdraws very quickly if touched or if light changes. I've never seen mine come out, though - just protrudes the feeders. So maybe not the same thing if you're comes out and moves around. Mine has never harmed anything.


The feather duster like feelers indicate it's a stationary filter feeder rather than a mobile predator.


See if you can get a picture and I'll do the same.

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They only time I've seen them out is at night when I flash a flashlight on the area. They don't retreat when there is a flashlight on them but they are to fast to catch. I've considered removing the rock but I wouldn't be able to get them out anyways. I too wondered if they are filter feeding if they are fine just to keep around? I'll try to get some pictures but I have yet to figure out the secret to taking such amazing underwater photos as those I see on this site!

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