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Wiring Question?


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I am wiring 4 24" T-5 bulbs to a Workhorse#5 ballast,The wiring diagram for this only shows two red wires being used however there are four on the ballast.When i combine two of the four into one it definitely make the bulbs burn brighter than if I just use one red wire.Has anybody done this before? Do you think it will be a problem?

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Did you call Joel about this? I was at Waves when someone called in about wiring lights. I overheard him talking about red wires.


Sorry, that is all I have to add to this thread. (laugh)


I don't remember enough about wiring my lights to tell you what to do. Dave (Barelycuda) could probably help you. You might shoot him a PM.


Where is Sam@SLS when you need him?

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The yellow is the "return" or common wire and the red is the "hot or power" wire. Just like in the diagram, the yellow goes to one side of "all" the lamps and the red goes to the other side. The four wires are for four lamps, forgot what the wattage was for each red wire. But it's rated on the ballast, divide by 4 is how many watts you can run.


IE, the ballast is rated for 140watts, divide by 4 = 35 watts. This means that you can use 4x 35 watt lamps, 2x 70 watt lamps or one 140watt lamp. But if you just have 2x 35watt lamps just use 2 red wires and tuck the other two away, but do not connect them together, leave them seperate.


And the white and black are the power to the wall socket



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