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For Trade: Bright Blue Milli & ORA Rose Milli Frag


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I have 2 very nice frags for trade.


1st: Bright Blue Milli, its three 3/4" branches.


2nd: ORA Rose Milli, its three 1/2" branches.


Both of the frags were created with three tips that were gulled together. They have both grown/encrusted together very nicely for the last couple months! They are both just a couple weeks from being fully encrusted to the rocks they are mounted on.


If there is any interested in trades for unique/rare/LE SPS, I would be willing to pop them off the rocks before they encrust.


These are fairly small frags, so I would like to trade size-for-size.


If there is any interest, I will get some good pics of them tomorrow.

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