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Happy Rose


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Here's a couple pics of my RBTA. Two weeks after putting her in the tank, she sucked herself through the rock she was attached to and came out the other side, right in front of a powerhead. Unfortunately she's now on the back side of the rock, but when she is fully inflated, she's about 10 inches across and 8-10 inches tall. She's been there about a month now and really seems to be doing very well. My two Skunks (Pink and Floyd), took to her right away much to the chagrin of my two Percs. I feed her a silverside about every other day and I'm hoping she'll split soon. Is there any way to speed the splitting process, or should I just let nature take it's course?




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Some have found success with more frequent feedings.


I read once where a guy fed every day for a week then did a large (50%) water change and that got his BTA to split almost 90% of the time. By the end he had many BTAs in his tank


If that fails, just use a knife like I did.





After spring break there will be another surgery, and I will have 4 instead of 2.



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Well it looks like nature took it's course. Big time! Yesterday I went to the Rose Garden to watch basketball all day and I come home late at night to find my RBTA "Rosie" moved halfway up and over to another rock. This morning I find her splitting into 3 new anemones! One smaller one that apparently came thru the host rock and two other larger ones that just got done splitting. (clap)

Not sure what I'm gonna do with 4 anemones in my tank. Anybody have any suggestions on how to get a couple out without ripping apart my rockwork?

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