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NW-CFM Update


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Here are my latest correspondences with Steve Tyree regarding the Northwest Coral Farmers Market.


3/9/2009 9:21 PM

Hi Steve,


Can you give us an update on the 2009 NW-CFM? Someone is saying he heard it was being cancelled. Please let us know! Thanks.



John Manrow

Pacific Northwest Marine Aquarium Society

Vice President

and interim Vendor Relations Officer




3/10/09 1:50 AM



The rumors really fly fast in these circles. My partner and I currently agree that due

to economic factors, this years NW-CFM event should not be scheduled. Last year I was able

to convince Art to make the drive once again. Current problem is that with the economy in

the doldrums, our attendance growth at our most popular event this year (SW-CFM) was flat

over last year. No growth is better then what most companies are experiencing right now

due to the economic circumstances. However, the only way the NW-CFM event works for us is

if we see growth potential over the next year or two. And currently we anticipate no

growth in the NorthWest for our event at least for the next couple of years due to the

economy. Overall we break even for the NW-CFM event, but that involves a lot of work and

the only reason to put that much effort into the venture is if there is growth potential.

We are concentrating our efforts right now on areas that have the best chance to grow at

decent rates. So yes, the NW-CFM event is off the current schedule and we are going to

contact our vendors and supporting clubs over the next week to let them know. We are

scheduled to announce that publicly in a week or two. We do have plans to return to the

Northwest, but it will take an economic recovery to warrant the effort involved with the



Steve Tyree

Coral Farmers Market companies






Thanks for responding so quickly. I'm sorry to hear that this is true, as many others will be, but I certainly do understand to situation.

PNWMAS will always stand by you in support. You would be amazed at the amount of coral propagation going on here in the NW. These guys got it bad! lol

Some of them live for corals! A few more of our members have started there own businesses, and seem to be doing well. We are getting new sponsors faster than we can set up forum threads for them! Take a look at our forum once in awhile!


I could confirm the rumor to be true in our forum, if there is no problem with this. Let me know.


You are always welcome up here, and thanks for all you have done. Best of luck in 2009, and hope to see you in 2010.




3/10/09 4:23 PM



Thanks for the kind words. Both me and Art felt very welcome up there and we had a

great time when we were in the area. My goal is too return within a couple of years

once the economy gets growing again. We actually learned quite a bit by doing the

Portland NW-CFM events. It is our first outside California event and it is our first

2 day drive event. The lessons we learned there have allowed us to make the Dallas

Fort Worth event possible. Next year we are adding an east coast event. That will

be a big challenge for us. We are also moving my companies into a larger rented

commercial unit this spring. One good thing about the slowing economy is that rental

prices have fallen dramatically. We will need the larger space to support two events

in Southern California (SW and IE). My goal is to look to return to the Northwest in

2011. By then the CFM companies should be much stronger.



Steve Tyree

Coral Farmers Market companies

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Yeah. sorry guys. My buddy is the one who has been driving Tyree's stuff to these things, he is the one who told me. Fortunately I have tons of friends out there who are involed in these things and give me heads up. Unfortunately, the heads up I got I was hoping wouldn't pan out to be true and it did. I should still have the inside for the corals though if anyone is interested. At least now it provides more time for saving, this might make the difference between getting a frag and getting a colony.

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I think I'm just gonna spend my monies with Travis, Isaac, Joel, Jody and our other local coral pushers... I mean retailers. We're blessed with some fantastic sponsors, I'd just as soon see them get my money in these rough times.

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I think I'm just gonna spend my monies with Travis' date=' Isaac, Joel, Jody and our other local coral pushers... I mean retailers. We're blessed with some [u']fantastic[/u] sponsors, I'd just as soon see them get my money in these rough times.


Good call :)

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