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Cleaning out the DVD collection....


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Got 18 DVD's here, all in good working condition. Just clearing out the collection a bit. Figure I would post here and see if there is any interest before I throw them up on Craigslist. $45 for all 18, thats $2.50 each (but ya gotta buy em all at once)

Here are the movies...

Without a paddle


Punch Drunk Love

Phantom of the Opera

Matrix Reloaded

Lord Of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring (f.s.)

Lord Of the Rings Two Towers (f.s.)

The Last Mimzy

K*19 Widowmaker

Hunt for Red October

House on Haunted Hill

Exorcist the Beginning

Employee of the Month (w/ matt dillon)

Carlitos Way

Bob the Butler

Beer League

Ace Ventura Pet Detective

A Perfect Circle, The Outsider extended video



Also have 2 blu-rays for $10 each




I will be at the meeting on the 15th. I would also consider some trades for blu-rays if you got some...

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