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peristalic dosing pump cheap

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I used it for about a year to dose kalk at 120ml/s on my 29gal. Worked great. I've actually used 2 of these. The first one had a metal clasp and rotary that did not like saltwater and kalk. This one is plastic so no problems there.


Needs a pumpset - here is 3 of them for 9 bucks



I bought 1 pumpset and about 5ft of silicon tubing from diyreef.com when i used this pump. The silicon tubing is what degrades, but it only uses about 6" and that lasts about 8-12 months.


The Ross Flexiflo III is a rotary peristaltic pole-mounted pump with LCD display, rate and volume readout with dose limit, low battery and no flow alarms. It is unique in its ± 5% accuracy, which is very precise among enterals. It is not recommended by Ross for neonatal or pediatric use. Rate Parameters: 1 - 300 ml/hr. in 1 ml increments Occlusion Pressure: 20 PSI Accuracy: ± 5% Battery Life: 8 hours at 300 ml/hr Recharge Time: 1.5 hours of recharge per hour of use Alarms: No Flow, Cover Open, Low Batt, Dose Complete, Audio Off (later models)

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