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Selling my friend's 150G Glass Reef tank!!


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My friend needs to sell his tank, he is going to upgrade. For sale is a custom made 150 gallon reef setup (no livestock or live rock) $1000 OBO:


Tank: Custom built glass Tank: 60” X 24” X 24” (He think it might be starfire glass)

-Standard overflow (8"X8")on the right side of tank

-Back of tank and over flow is black in color


Stand: 60” X 24” X 36”

Canopy: 60” X 24” X 17”


Return pump: Quiet One 5000 (1330 GPH)


Skimmer: PS-3000 Protein Skimmer with Needle Wheel

-Dimensions: 7.8" Diameter 23.01" Tall

Designed for aquariums up to 475 gallons.

Footprint 13" x 10.5"


Calcium Reactor: Precision Marine CR422 -4" dia. reactor

-10lbs C02 bottle

-M3 deluxe regulator with solenoid and bubble counter


Lighting: 2 X 400w Radiums on dual PFO HQI

4 X 110W VHO

-3 X Actinic White & 1 Super Actinic


Filter: 40 Gallon refugium/sump (Correction 70 gallon) 43"X21"X18"

-refugium section 21"X21"X18" - water level is 13"


PS: I will take pictures tomorrow. LMK if you have any questions. If there is any more to be added I'll add it to this post.

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I'm going to head over to his house today to feed his fish. I'm taking care of his other tanks. He is in Hawaii right now doing a little scuba diving. I will take pictures of the tank today. Hopefully this will answer a lot of your questions. R-3 I don't know who built the tank and stand but for that price you can't beat it.




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No takers on this yet? Have you been able to get any additional info on the builder or composition of the tank? I am guessing not but thought I would check. Also, is it somewhere that it can be checked out? I know it's not yours but wasn't sure if the owner was back or had OK'd access.


Thanks - Sean

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