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anyone work for nike?


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looking for blue chip 7 in a 13 and can't seem to find em anywhere, not sure if they even exist. if someone has an inside and can find out if they are or will become available, would love to know. pm would be fine if you don't want to post here.


i know these were launched as custom for the specific user, but i have seen them as a sample, so i am hoping they are no longer restricted :)


my other footwear insiders are 3 stripers, and they weren't savvy enough to pick up this contract.




white would work also, don't think the blacks have made an appearance in 3 or 4 months... they may have been scrapped

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if you just tell them blue chip #7 they should be able to look it up... anyone local who works in hoops should know exactly what they are... they dont have a more specific name from my understanding. they made blue chip 7 and 3, but i could care less about the 3's, i don't have a line to get thiose autographed :)

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ok I will try to remember. I am using my Wii to get online from home so it takes a while and I try to avoid it. I can get to my email from there quite easy though and it shows body of PM in email so I don't have to log in. I will look into it.

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