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ID Please!


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Hello All, sure was fun watching some of the sponsors embarrass themselves last night on another thread. (wife)


Maybe you can help me ID this piece in my tank. I'm curious about the orange LPS on the bottom of my tank. I think I know what it is, but don't want to ruin the fun.


For some reason everything in my tank is doing awesome - except SPS's. I've been trying to improve their growth for a few years now, but they don't like to grow. Any suggestions welcome!

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I have that same coral. It was sold to me as a Lobophillia(sp). Mine is under some intense light so it has went to a bright pink rim with blueish-green inside. I love it, it is giant and the most colorful piece in my tank. It sting is very strong though...

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oooh that does seem like a solid id Joel, assuming the id in that photo is correct.






these are both trach geofryii


lobos, trachs, and symphs can all look similar and are frequently misidentified as one another (i am no expert, so don't ask me to tell you the differences).

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