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Frags for sale, Zoas, birdsnest, acro, chalice


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I have several frags for sale. I would really like these gone quickly to make room in my tank for other corals. I am offering very fair prices to get them gone quickly. Here is a list of what I have:


1. Oregon Blue tort: 1 available about 3/4" $20

2. Bright blue milli: one of the nicest millis I have ever seen, two 1" frags (also have a 3rd that is a frag plug covered that broke off from the main colony, so it is flat with no branches but will start to branch) $10 each

3. peach birdsnest with green/yellowish tips: one 1" frag $10

4. ORA green birdsnest: one 1" frag $10

5. Unknown blue acro: a really nice blue acro with green tints in the base and blue coralites with blue polyps: two frags, 1" $10, 2" $20

6. Purple polyp birdsnest: two 1" frags $10

7. Fire and Ice zoas: nice orange skirt with blue outer center and yellow splotches on the inner circle: Probably 150 polyps available, I will frag any size that you want but about $1 per polyp, less for frags over 10 polyps.

8. Bright pink chalice: about 1" X 3/4", $30


See photos below for reference. Call Jake at 503-330-4772.





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Here are the other photos. By the way, some of these corals look better in the photos than they do in my tank. I am not trying to BS anybody but I have no idea how to doctor a photo. I take photos with an underwater camera by shooting directly over the coral and the photos that I post are exactly as they are taken by point and shoot. Over head shots look a little different than the corals appear to the naked eye from the front of the tank. They are still nice but I can't capture the color exactly as it appears from the front viewing.




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