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A lot of very deserving thanks in order here

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So I have been on here for not much more than a month and have had a ton of people help me out either with setting stuff up, giving advice or giving corals and/or hardware when it was much needed:


Jmanrow: for helping set up my tank and all the advice



Frags: (thanks for these, my tank now has some life and is shaping up)

Dsoz, tankit, pledosophy, smann, lowman


Hardware of sorts: (from pvc, to buffing kits, to an aquariscope, thank you!)

pledosophy, breefcase, Jmanrow, kriswaters, kilmca, parvo99


Stores: (from fish credit to water changes to just killer deals on livestock, thanks so much)

Doran, Seahorse and Fantaseas



To the rest of you thanks for all the advice and help with setting this up on a very, very, very limited budget, without you all I wouldn't have even attempted to venture out of fish only, thanks again, you are all a huge blessing.

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