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Hey Folks, Im Perry from OceanInaBox. I am a wholesaler specializing in Aussie corals with my warehouse over in Vancouver. I know a lot of you from the various stores and Im sure I will get to know a lot of you down the road. I just signed up to be a sponsor here, so Im looking forward to contributing with the site anyway that I can. I will be opening a members only section of my warehouse starting in april and once I get my sponsor forum I will update you all with the info. Looking forward to being a part of PNWMAS(clap)

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It's not actually a storefront per say. Were not open to the general public like your LFS. We are more of a distribution center with our primary business being nationwide wholesale. I have had several folks suggest various ideas that would allow us to sell to a select few people. To offer an exclusive opportunity to come in and buy from us at a discounted retail price. Therefore we are developing an opportunity for "members only". We really have no desire to be a public marketplace. That is not our intent at all. Hence the very limited schedule. There is a little more info you can read about on our "members" section at our website. It's not for everyone, and thats ok, but for those that feel it is of value then im sure it will be worth it.


We are scheduled to open to members beginning April 1st. We are still waiting for some of the packet information and promotional tools to be completed so if you think it will work for you then plan on coming buy and getting signed up. Please read the more detailed information on our website. To sign up as a member is by appointment only, so you can email me and I will start a list and respond back shortly. email me at perry@oceaninabox.com

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