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Macro Algae


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I had the funniest thing happen today. A lil Background info:

I setup a 10 gal hex in my chiropractors office a few months back. Just a basic lil reef. HOB filter, no skimmer but I do 4-5 gall water changes weekly or bi-weekly. 18 Watt PC light. 3 med size pieces of LR and a couple of mini zoo colonies and 2 shrooms, oh and a small lettuce coral. Fish: 1 little baby occelaris and a 3/4-1" long 6line wrasse, (I know he will out grow and overstock but he has a home in my tank or elsewhere later).

I also have 4 types of macro to help with water quality and they grow out of control, I trim them back weekly!green grape, taxifolia, prolifera(spelling?), and 1 I do not know the name for, but has been more difficult for me to keep in the past in my own tank.

The funny thing:

A patient came into the office the other day and freaked out on the doctor because he has every kind of Macro Algae that is illegal in the united states! I know you cannot flush macro and should dispose of it in a plastic bag in the garbage but I was not aware of it being illegal and if it is then why does everyone seem to have it in their systems! Apparently her family owned a pet store and it is illegal to possess or to buy/sell/trade in the united states! I had to laugh but my doctor was concerned at first! I calmed him down about it, but his recep. was affraid the FBI was gona bust through the door or something and arrest them for have illegal goods in their aquarium!!!!(clap)

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I have been doing some research and I did find this:


However how are we supposed to know if we have the Med. strain or the Hawiian strain?.................The world may never know unless we all walk around with microscopes and have a degree in Biology! This is where its really complicated!(scratch)

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Many species are illegal in many countries. Still it is not really regulated. There is no FBI office I know of.


There was an attempt to ban the import of liverock and many snails for fear it would contain such species, but it failed.


In selling the macro calling it fern, or green grape is a bit safer then taxifloria and racemosa.




I would not worry.

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