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Replacement skimmer impeller


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I bought an RPS-1000 skimmer off of Craigs List last summer that turned out to be sort of a not so good deal. I think it was a demo unit from a local aquarium shop because some of the pieces weren't even glued together. It turns out it was manufactured by a local shop in Vancouver, NW Plex. I contacted them and they let me trade it in for another skimmer that was more appropriate size for my tank and was put together correctly (with a significant difference in cost). It was an RPS-2000. I paid the difference, got the skimmer home and discovered it did not have an advertised needle wheel impeller but rather had just the standard impeller.


The skimmer isn't working as well as I'd like. I tried to mesh mod the impeller to make it work better but still not much luck. It has a generic Chinese pump on it so I can't seem to find replacement parts for it.


Has anyone had experience with these NW Plex made skimmers and happen to know where I can buy a needle wheel impeller that will fit in the pump that comes on it?


Thanks in advance.

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