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ID thread sort of


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I spotted a shrimp the other day in my rocks for a quick second. I didn't want to get into it without proof so I left it at that.


Well I have proof now! Found his molted body yesterday, pretty well intact too. I thought it was a pistol shrimp then and now I am sure it is. I was wondering if anyone can figure out what kind it may be by the pictures. I have had my suspicions for a while because of the load popping sound I hear in my tank all the time. I also find empty shells sometimes behind my rocks and mutilated hermits. I always thought it was Bebop & Rocksteady(my 2 giant hermits) killing them.


I also found his cave he just constructed with the trademark sand pile out front. It's kinda hard to see in the pictures though. I was just wondering if I got another watchman goby, if they may have any chance of pairing up?





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