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Just wanted to inroduce myself ...


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Hello all , my name is Sherri and I am new to this hobby but very quickly growing addicted my husband doesn't think i should leave the house with money in pocket any more ..LOL Just a joke he says ..


I currently have a 45 gal tru vue tank, running a canister filter, power head, 2x 400w MH 12k.

As for contents I have about 25 lbs LR need more, 1 blue yellow fin damsel, 1 green chromis, yellow headed sleeper goby, 2 true purc clown fish and a Naso tang.

1 Hammer coral & green star polyp

CUC consists of 6 blue hermit crabs, 1 coral banded shrimp, 1 peppermint shrimp, 3 nassaus snails ( I think I said that right) 3 turbo snails.

Oh yeah and my formia star fish


I am switching everything over to a bigger tank in the next couple days.


Looking forward to meeting and chatting with fellow hobbiest...


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Welcome aboard Sherri! Not only will you find helpful individuals here on the forms, but you will find a wealth of information at our meetings. If you are intereste, let JManrow know and he can sign you up for evites to our meetings.


This month we are heading to Keizer to vist Mikes tank! We also have OCA and Hatfield marine on the upcoming agenda!


Once again, welcome aboard!



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If you want some xenia I will typically give new people some. My supply is low right now, but I could probably get one or two stalks of white xenia off my rocks to give you. If you are interested just send me a PM.



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