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Well, not all. I am selling frags of everything in hopes to raise enough money to be able to purchase a tank and set it up in Salt Lake City before I move. I am going to purchase the Marineland 200 gallon starfire deep dimension tank. I have found a LFS in Utah that has great prices on them and intend to take a trip over, set up the tank, and let it run for a couple weeks before the move. I have both livestock and equipment up for sale here. I am going to frag these upon order, so you let me know what you like, and I will send you a pm with the price and size of coral. If you have a specific price, let me know in the pm, and I will let you know what size piece that gets you. Willing to give discounts on larger orders.

Here is the livestock I have for sale:


CONDITIONS: I am waiting on an offer of trade from Aquaserene. I offered them strait across trade for all of my livestock minus a frag of the pieces I want to keep. That includes all of these, plus a bunch more. I am willing to entertain the same offer to any LFS in the portland area. This would be for the 200 gallon marineland starfire tank and stand. Full colonies and frags minus small frags I will take with me.



Flame Angel (non polyp nipping/reef safe) $50



3 Strip Damsel $Free w/Other Purchase







20 gallon QT setup. Light Fluval Canister Filter. Heater, Cruddy Stand. $75


Rena Filstar x3 Canister Filter $40

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