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Snail ID please.


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Well are birds carnivores? You get the idea.


They have a whole Order, so there are many different kinds, with many different habits, and habitats. I dont know enough about Limpets to even come close to ID'ing them closer than the Order level, sorry.

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Come on now(nutty) Im allways adding something. There presence has just suddenly become apparent pretty fast.I did some research and did not find any information that said they were harmfull. But I will still dig up what i can.

And to answer your question Eric I believe many "Good" things can just show up, in fact some of the coolest stuff I have seen I did not "buy".

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Yes' date=' there are. Sundial Snails are an example.


Pyramid snails, too (at least bad for clams)


Mike' date=' those snails just came out of nowhere? Did you add any LR or anything? I am under the impression that almost anything that just shows up is bad. Is that a incorrect theory?[/quote']


Hey, the sun just shows up every day (well, not in Oregon) and it's generally good, right? (naner)

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