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Yellow Cheek Amazon w/cage


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After a lot of heartache I have decided to sell one of my beloved parrots. "Bubba" is a hand raised 6 year old Amazon. Very friendly, awesome coloring, healthy, happy well adjusted bird. He/she (never sexed but I think because of her gentle nature that it's a girl) Yellow cheeks (a.k.a. Red Lored Amazons) are not known to be great talkers but Bubba does talk a bit. Clucks like a chicken, barks like a dog, says "fat Chicken, Hello, Coming out, come here, I love you, Bubba, Here kittty, kitty, kitty. Step up"...some other things too just can't think of what.

She's always been fed premium pelleted food, seeds, nuts, fruit and veggies. Has only had one owner since a hatchling (me)


The only thing she needs is her beak trimming (can be done with a dremel)


She is missing the very end of one toe...it doesn't slow her down at all. Last summer my other parrot bit it off !!! They don't get along which is why I have sadly decided to part with Bubba.


I'm asking $500 or $650 if you want her cage too. The cage is white powder coated and is 2' wide, 22" deep and 4' tall.


We're located in Redmond, Oregon





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Yup 50 years ! My now 15 year old is inline for the African Gray :D. In the grand scheme of things Bub is just a babe still.


JFYI - Bubba has always had access to pellets as part of her diet - Zupreem - (think I spelled that right) and she drinks from a water bottle - keeps the water cleaner than in a bowl.


She's really well adjusted (unlike the gray which is part of the problem) Bubba is happy if you take her out every day and equally as happy if you're busy and she doesn't get out for weeks. She is in full feather and has never plucked once.


She's also in great health.


EDITED to say that Bubba has SOLD to a great family. Thanks to everyone who showed interest.

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