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Coral pics from Hawaii


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My parents live on the big island in Kona, my wife and I go there a couple times a year. On this trip I looked on the net for coral reefs, the snorkel parks have alot of fish but no coral, I found three reefs listed as this is the youngest island. two were only accessible by boat this one was next to a cultural center and more of a locals area. you have to climb in on the lava rock and drop in, when I was putting on my fins I could see yellow tangs in the wave aginst the rock picking at the algae. there are only a few species of coral on the island and not much color. I bought a underwater cam at walmart for the pics










Its about 15-20' feet deep aand close to shore you doint have to go far. there are alot of yellow and purple eye tangs and several other fish but they seem to scatter when I got the camera ready








Lots of tuxedo urchins







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last pic is sweet, its an ulua (the larger blue fish next to the threadfin butterfly), thats the prize spearfishing fish, I stoned a 110 lb one a couple years back, brings back memories, thanks for showing these.


oh sweet and some weke in the 4th pic (white goatfish), also a good fish to spear, man this about makes me emotional and hungry.

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I to have family on the big island. Hilo and south point. I recommend you take a 6 person boat out to Captain Cook. Small group and great views of fish and corals. If you can talk to a local and they can tell you how to hike in if you prefer.


Brings back memory's here as well.


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Everytime I see pic's like this it brings back the "I want to move there" attitude. I could never tire of diving in such a beautiful environment. SCUBA was the best thing I have ever took the time to get certified in. Even better than all my computer cert's combined. Even though the computer ones were what got me to hawaii in the first place.

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