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Coral ID-which of these are Montis


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There is the obvious ones, like the monticaps, and the orange branched monti, and the the two encrusting ones, but are any of the others in this pic candidates, too?



Here I've circled the corals I'm sure are Montis in green, and the ones I'm not sure in pink.

The two uncircled ones are a pink milli and an efflo.

Do I have to worry about those?



And a green slimer is safe, right?

I'm still very new to sps corals!

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I won that larger frag you think is a monti at the Christmas meeting. It never looked very healthy, so this may be what brought in the nudis.

I'll add both of the corals to the quarantine now...


Edited to add: Yep, you were right! The larger frag had nudis on it. I broke off a couple of tips that looked unaffected, and put them into the QT tank, and through the rest out.

The smaller one looks unaffected for now, but I stuck in in QT anyhow.

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