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Grup buy on Aiptasia eating berghia nudibranchs


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Curious...what will they eat when tha aiptasia is gone?


I believe they then die off, they are very specific in their diet.


I think you will want quite a few if you get them, they are very small (like the size of a rice grain), and they are a very slow eradication method (months), so you need to have enough to breed for a few generations.


Here is a site with more info:





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next I am using muratic acid :D burn baby burn


Please keep me update on this... I am having problem with aiptasia too, I bought the last 5 pepermints shrimp Seahorse carry last week. I also took out severals piece of rock that have large aiptasia on it and put them in freezer. I will let you know the outcome.

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i superglue mine to death that works fine, but you gotta take the rock out for that to work, ive tried the "commercial fixes joes juice, aiptasia x" they dont work worth a [language filter]. Neither does thick paste of kalk. They eat it shrivel up and then come back a week later, man i wish big anemones where as tough as these guys

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