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Mogul socket LED bulb to replace 175w MH bulb


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Yeah, these were discussed on the nano-reef forum a while back. One issue is that they are all white leds, so color temp is going to be around 10k or so, so you still need actinic supplementation. They also don't have any optics on the leds, so you are limited to about 12" of depth.

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I would be interested in seeing one of these first hand. The link says they have the same spread as MH (one every two feet). They are saying these will replace 175w MH. I would reason this is due to the depth they will reach. My tank is 24" deep and I run 400w so these would not be a fit for me. I wonder if it is a limitation of the LED's as a whole or do they have the ability to get the penetration required for deeper tanks.


On the financial side they claim these hold 70% of original light at 50,000hrs. By my calculations I would not have to buy bulbs for 11 years( at 12hrs a day). $370 for 11 years breaks down to about $34 a year. That is less than half the cost of most MH bulbs for those of us replacing bulbs on a yearly basis. Then you still have to factor in the fact that it uses 1/4 the electricity and you don't have to buy and replace expensive ballasts.


If I can get one of these that will work in a deeper tank I may have to give them a try.

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